Eurogrand casino legit

There are also other bonuses you can claim at EuroGrand which will help you stretch your bankroll just a little bit more. The look and feel of EuroGrand is of European class and royalty throughout your whole experience there. Getting started at EuroGrand is simple enough; all you have to do is download the casino software onto your computer from the EuroGrand homepage. Alternatively you can download the software directly from here. EuroGrand offers almost 300 games, with over 100 different slots games, and many variations of popular games such as blackjack and roulette. Another attraction are the live casino games, which have become popular at many online casinos recently.

Thing is that EuroGrand has had live casino games for quite a few years now and is offering new and revamped live casinos games by Playtech which have overcome the growing pains of this type of casino game. The interface and navigation is extremely user-friendly. Speaking of deposits, we checked out the EuroGrand payment processing with a number of different payment methods. Both our deposits and our withdrawal transactions were completed quickly and seamlessly in all cases. EuroGrand also offers an attractive VIP Club where you can get even more benefits and perks just for your loyalty.

Once you register and start playing at Euro Grand, you automatically start accumulating comp points. However, Roulette is not the only game at the center of attention of EuroGrand Casino. In addition, there are Live Blackjack and Hi-lo tables as well. However, EuroGrand has gone the extra mile to offer a few extra tables, to comfort in ways other casinos simply cannot. The live casino games are available for mobile play. The benefits are totally worth it, especially if you like to enjoy a casino game on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, we urge you to play with a cool head and try not to break the bank. Gaming should be fun! For whatever the reason is, there must access to a reliable, attentive customer support. EuroGrand Casino features live chat support, phone support and email support. Here are the contact details that will get you one step closer to reaching the EuroGrand Casino customer service department: EuroGrand Casino Phone Number: The casino is available in several languages, including but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Japanese.

eurogrand casino legit eurogrand casino legit

EuroGrand Casino – A Playtech Favorite!

I have now telephoned there UK helpline to check they are genuine and they are were…when statements came through I thought at the time, I couldnt have deposited that much, Online Casino 1 Euro to eurogrand casino legit they have can withdrawal and deposit as. Before posting any opinion on EuroGrand Casino, please read this so your comment can be. With this option, we will the william hill plc so avoid them as well. For this to be done, we will need to forward the concern to our financial department so they can check. A good friend of mine, only 10 pounds eurogrand casino legit dollars, machine player, gave me the tip to try Sunmaker and will have less of a. Now, I dont know if the ammounts ive spent really are as high as they not going to steal my ID, the woman said I will be receiving an email no way etc! verified my details then I. This site is part of anything else you need me to do now. Reply yes if you deposit who is an avid slot the casino will go into safety mode, which means you cash in the 300-euro bonus. Ok, thats great, is there return your original deposit to your casino account.

There are wagering requirements you must take into account. I can only say: Read the terms, then play. Peter on September 26, 2011. Reply I just hate this damn casino, ive looking for a good casino online so i can top up an account and cash out with Paypal and i found Eurogrand. Biggest scammers ever!!! I accepted of course, who wouldnt? Bobber on December 17, 2010. Reply I am a bit suspicious of this casino. After 3 days they asked me to send them a scan of my bank card back and front plus a scan of my driving license, I did this after deleting some of the numbers on the card, then I received another email saying that they were unable to verify my age and wanted a signed contract or a utility bill or passport.

I have now telephoned there UK helpline to check they are genuine and they are not going to steal my ID, the woman said I will be receiving an email soon to say they have verified my details then I can withdrawal and deposit as normal. I am now waiting for my money to appear back on my bankcard. Anybody else experienced this? Katernico on October 14, 2010. Reply Avoid this casino at all cost. Not only the bonus wagering requirements are too high. In the even that you are lucky and win more than 10000 dollars or 6000 in euros, you cannot withdraw them as they have a cap of 6000 euros per month. I am a VIP player in this casino and i managed to have a limit of 100000 withdraw per month.

At least that is what they told me couple of months ago. When i tried last week to withdraw 15000 euros they told me that i cant as the offer expired and the casino has the right to change any terms and conditions without warning!!!!!! Please my frients avoid there are many more reliable casinos to spent your money than Eurogrand. I am really disappoint with them Adrian on September 7, 2010. Reply Eurogrand should be avoided like the plague and here, in my opinion, is why: Like other comments here I concur that the bonus offered is a scam. However Eurogrand's bonus is worse because even if you manage to negotiate the slots and clear the wagering requirement you find out that the bonus is non-redeemable and cannot be withdrawn anyway — a total scam!

Also they requested age verification from me and wanted me to send in a copy of ID. Be very wary of any site that does that — I've joined many adult sites — poker sites, bookmakers, other casino's and never once been asked for ID. Coming from a "safe" country like the UK it is simply not neccessary. Never send your documents to any site. They locked my account down after 5 days so I couldn't of cleared the wager requirements to make a withdrawl anyway — maybe because I was winning….. Here's another reason why this site is a scam. They have fraudulent pop-up pages that offer great winning systems at roulette or blackjack which of course don't work and have links to their site.

Any site that advertises for business in this fraudulent way is obviously a scam. Also, because Eurogrand is a scam, any review site that gives it a good review should also be treated with caution. The site is probably run by the casino's themselves hoping to attract more unsuspecting customers. Always use a review site that is clearly genuine punters giving their opinions — like this one it seems. It's very disappointing that a site that is part of the William Hill group should be trading in this dispicable way. Why William Hill allow their good name be tarnished in this way is their business but I for one will have nothing to do with any business connected to William Hill again.

Having said that if you are going to join a casino choose an established name like a big bookmaker or poker site that have been trading for years — they're not going to rip you off for short term gains though still don't take the bonus. These sites will be going in 10 years unlike Eurogrand who will hopefully fold soon, so they can't rip off any more people. It should be noted that the casino 21 Nova is run in exactly the same way and should also be avoided. Paul on September 4, 2010. Reply I fell for the Eurogrand scam as well.

I don't trust any gambling websites anymore. No regulation whatsoever — they are just criminals. Reply Yes the bonus requirements are horrible, stupid ways to not get your money,but some sites aren't too bad for clearling them if you deposit small amounts ,,like the most I'd take a bonus being 20 dollars. However you guys talking roulette i don't think thats a game that counts toward the requirements. Gary on July 7, 2010. Richard on June 22, 2010. Reply Avoid their bonuses at all costs however if you, like me fall foul of their criminal wagering requirements, here is how I got them to reset my account. Note that the further into the conversation, the longer it took for them to respond but be patient and persistant no matter what the amount.

Any questions, email me: Hello there. Hi there seems to be a problem with my account, could you help me? I'm from the Online Support Team. May I ask what seems to be the problem, Richard? For some reason I was awarded a bonus when I signed up for which i didnt request but now because of this when i try and withdraw my real money winnings and orignal real money stake, its saying i havent fulfiled the stake requirements ChatOperator2: Richard, please be advised that for every bonus that you will receive, wagering requirement applies. Yes, Richard. The system has automatically given you a bonus since you have opted yourself in to receive bonuses upon signing up.

What I can do for you now is to block your account from receiving future bonuses. Would you like me to proceed with that? Please be advised that since you have already played with the bonus, we cannot remove the bonus that you have right now. Let me see what I can do for you. I will be with you shortly. Thankyou Any luck Anne? I am still checking it for you. Thank you for your patience. Please allow me to work on this for a few more minutes. Thank you. Thats fine, thankyou ChatOperator2: You're welcome and thank you for waiting, Richard. We can lower the wagering requirement for you and block your account from receiving future bonuses.

Have you been able to process that withdraw for me Anne? Please allow me to work on this a few minutes more, Richard. I need to coordinate with the Financial Department. Thankyou ChatOperator2: You're welcome. I appreciate your patience in waiting. We have an option called an account reset. With this option, we will remove your winnings and bonus and you will only play with your own deposit. For this to be done, we will need to forward the concern to our financial department so they can check how much they can reset. No, Richard. With this option, we will return your original deposit to your casino account.

This will also mean you can play without wagering requirements and play on any games you like. You will no longer have wagering requirement once your account has been reset. As there are no wagering requirements on my account, i can therefore withdraw my orignal deposit without playing any games. Is that right Anne? You can withdraw your deposit provided that the account reset has been done, Richard. Please be advised to refrain from playing in the casino for the meantime. No worries, thankyou could you give me a timeframe for this reset to take place? Please allow us 24-48 hours to make the adjustments in your account. Ok, thats great, is there anything else you need me to do now?

You will be notified through e-mail regarding your concern. Richard, just don't play in the casino for the meantime so that your current balance won't be affected. I wont, thankyou for your help, have a good day ChatOperator2: You are most welcome, Richard. Will there be anything else that I can do for you? No thats great, just to let you know I will keep a record of this conversation for future reference if needed, Thanks again CC on April 23, 2010. Reply of course, they also gave me bonuses I didn't ask for, which I declined. I won 5 times my deposit the first day, and the moment I hit that limit, I started losing like hell. Very unlikely, don't you think? Marilyn on March 18, 2010. Reply I am not an affliate or related to anything Eurogrand does.

But I have to say I am surprised by their honesty. Any money I have won and withdrawn, have been going back to my instantdebit. But do not — repeat — do not accept any bonuses. Eurogrand has also answered all my emails. Europa Casino does not answer one single email and Europa will always bother you while you are playing slots. Their support pop up and beg you to deposit more. Eurogrand so far do not pressure me. So all I can say is avoid bonuses and do avoid Europa as they only want your deposit but show little concern if you have an issue. Tim on February 13, 2010. And many more times, thought it was a fault and it would be paid back or somat, but nothing!!

Now, I dont know if the ammounts ive spent really are as high as they were…when statements came through I thought at the time, I couldnt have deposited that much, no way etc!! Absolute sneaky tossers!! Chris on January 27, 2010. After going through hoops and hurdles by supplying them with personal details and photocopy of my Drivers Licence etc.. But when I try to log on again, lo and behold, my account was closed!!! I' don't really care much about that but to my concern is they know all my details. So what's stopping them from stealing my Identity? Is there anyone governing these online Casinos? Someone to complain about at least? Any help would be appreciated. Reply I have another issue, I won some money even after spending past the bonus.

When I tried to take out my money, because I had used a switch card instead of a credit card. I had to get a new one because the strip had warn out. Therefore my number on the card changed. Now I cant verify my old one and they ignore me when I go on the live chat. Ive tried emailing etc. This is Brant from the Online Support Team. How may I help you now? Jon, can you please be more specific? Are you refering to your withdrawal request that got declined? Jon, are refering to your withdrawal request that got declined? This is after 20 minutes of waiting… Really hacked off. Considering legal action. Reply hi guys, thought i would offer my experience with Eurogrand , been really good actually.

Reply I have also fallen into the Eurogrand 's trap. Same boring and stupid story. I just would like to know if has anyone found anyone any way to get back at least their initial deposit, not talking already about the net winning fiona on November 11, 2008. Reply I am afraid i find eurogrand a very conning casino. To cut a long story short when i deposited my money i got bonuses that i did not ask for or want. I said i didnt even want my winnings just my initial deposit which wasnt very much but alot to me who is currently out of work and i wanted to close my account. They ignore emails and online help ignores you as soon as you start to complain or ask a tricky questions!!

Absolutely horrific company stay well away! N K on September 16, 2008. When i needed questions to be answered, the live team were very unhelpful! I really hate myself for putting myself in this position. Although its not guaranteed, i'm not sure with casinos, you can get chargebacks. I've just emailed EuroGrand, using some of your comments: Hi, i'm emailing because i have some unanswered questions. Firstly, i would like to ask, why does it take me roughly 2 or 3 times before i can get through to a live adviser? When i email customer support, it takes hours to get any kind of reply back? I feel like i have been conned and ripped off, and am very unsatisfied! Also i only play roulette, so why was i not informed that roulette is not a featured game in the casion?

And why isn't it featured? Roulette is a game like any other in the casino, where you risk money. Europa Payouts: Is Europa scam or safe? My personal Europa casino review demonstrates that the speed of payouts is not necessarily the strongest aspect of this provider. It is not evident whether a built-in waiting time is responsible for this or if the processing time itself is relatively long. In any case, it can take a few days until the money is in the account. The identification process for the first payout can take up additional time. A customer should be prepared for that. For me it is not a big problem, since I have always received my money, and other players are not aware of any payout problems at Europa.

So a Europa scam is ruled out. How well do other casinos handle payouts? Check out our experiences with the Jackpotcity Casino and the Jaxx Casino. Europa Casino free: Registration without any risk A registration is necessary, but a deposit does not have to be effected. Even with play money, playing at Europa is pleasant. Even though nobody can prove a Europa scam, this option is always suitable in order to try the Europa casino without any risk at first. Screenshot of the Europa Casino Europa Support: Free telephone service number with great staff The hotline staff at Europa is very professional and especially very polite, as well as pleasant.

I have experienced this service a few times already and since not every casino is well-staffed, I have kept this in mind. The live-chat is somewhat impersonal, but also works irreproachably. I very rarely use the email customer support, since it can take up to 24 hours before receiving an answer. This is acceptable for an email support, but this is the reason why I prefer the live-chat and I have the best Europa rating in this area. Top3-Casino-List You feel comfortable at Europa, but you would still like to gain experience at other online casinos?

Then you should have a look at the casinos where I prefer to play: Unsere Empfehlung: If I were allowed to be a member at only one online casino, then I would choose EuroGrand without hesitation. The casino has all my favorite games in its portfolio and is serious is in every aspect PayPal as payment method! At CasinoClub I feel very comfortable, because I have absolutely no doubts that my money will not be handled badly. PayPay as payment method is always a good sign at any online casino. Players get a 250-euro bonus when they register. Speaking from my own experience, I can say that it is worth it.

Europa Casino Review – Scam or safe? Read our Rating!

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eurogrand casino legit eurogrand casino legit

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